About Quad TT

Across the globe, University Quadrangles form the heart and soul of different academic institutions.

Mob Quad at Oxford is among the oldest, while The Green at Dartmouth College, or the Liberal Arts Quad at the University of Washington are considered the most beautiful.

At the University of the West Indies, the quadrangle is the place where undergrad students de-stress after class, and postgraduate discuss concepts that they’re developing. Historically, it has been a place for protests, parties, and more. It’s also the place where students are introduced to the many clubs on campus.

QUAD TT represents this. An online space for tertiary level students in Trinidad to connect with each other to learn about the latest news and about upcoming events.

QUAD TT is inspired by the Quadrangle at the University of the West Indies, but it seeks to be bigger. Currently included on this platform are the many events held by the groups at the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Law.

Over time, more tertiary institutions will be a part of QUAD TT.