The Trinidad and Tobago Naturalists’ Club film “Keeper of the Forest” has been selected by Green Screen- The Environmental Film Festival as a finalist in their Very Short Shorts Mobile Film Competition. The Green Screen Environmental Film Festival is the only festival featuring environmentally themed films and conversations on sustainability in the Caribbean. 

For their eleventh edition, the festival has chosen the theme “Heroes”. According to festival director Carver Bacchus; “The theme Heroes is a call for us to focus on the many ordinary humans who are making an extraordinary impact all over the world.” He encouraged local filmmakers  “to highlight stories of resilience, ingenuity, creativity, vision and care for our fellow citizens and our country… in the fields of social justice, food security, migration, health and wellness, the built environment, technology, climate change adaptation and energy security.”

The one minute film from the Field Naturalists’ Club was directed by Shane Manchouck and edited by Ryan Gibbons. The film featured Dan Jaggarnauth, and executive member of the club who is well regarded as a conservationist and expert on local flora and fauna.

According to the club; “What makes Dan a true hero is the generosity & passion with which he shares his vast knowledge of the natural world with others, especially young people.”

The festival begins on October 28th and can be streamed via