Google has honoured Saint Lucian economist Sir Arthur Lewis with a Google Doodle on the tenth of December, 2020.

Lewis was the first Black faculty member at the London School of Economics, first Black person to hold a chair in a British university (at Manchester University), and the first Black instructor to receive full professorship at Princeton University. On this day in 1979, Lewis was jointly awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his pioneering work to model the economic forces that impact developing countries.

His work focused on the burgeoning labour movement in the English-speaking Caribbean, Econonomic Development in the Caribbean, and radical solutions to Economic disparity.

His contributions to economic growth in Caribbean and African countries inspired recent conversations on decolonizing the rum industry, and encouraged Manchester-based guest artist Camilla Ru to incorporate vibrant colours and mathematical elements in the final design for the Doodle.

The tie is a nice touch for the final Doodle as it pays tribute to the National dress of Saint Lucia, but an opportunity to have the chalkboard lines resemble the outline of the Pitons against the Caribbean Sea was definitely missed!

Images via Doodles Archive: Celebrating Sir W. Arthur Lewis and Guide to Hiking Gros Piton in Saint Lucia. Originally published on