Members of the University of the West Indies Class of 2020 are expressing frustration with the arrangements that the institution made for their individual portraits.

Many were already upset that the University is reluctant to consider a graduation ceremony with social distancing and still insists on a digital event.

Students now see the arrangement for official graduation photos as price gouging. The cheapest option for a printed photo begins at $250, if the graduand is not participating in the virtual ceremony.

Students who have already paid and had their photos taken are also claiming that they were not allowed to select their final photo and that the session was rushed.

In what is being seen as a lack of response from the UWI Guild of Students, members of the UWI STA GUILD – Student Complaints Page have begun reaching out to the media, and even the Minister of Education for support.

From their comments;

To all 2020 graduates;How about we all boycott PIPS and find our own photographer who has UWI gowns and we as one student body nominate him/her as our official graduation photographer. They can do absolutely nothing. Are they going to run a virtual grads without any student photo? unity in numbers.let’s boycott. – Y.R.

Yes I was just thinking about the prices for what you get, it’s not worth it – S.I.

The process was extremely rushed, the photographer did not even alert you when he was taking the pictures , plus SPEC was extremely hot. It was extremely dissapointing. – J.R.

Everybody should just boycott this whole thing yes. – A.D.

also hearing they don’t even show you if the pic looks good when they take it. – D.G.

Highly disappointed!!!!! For a university holding high status they should have shown more initiative and been more accommodating in these times. But nonetheless it’s only when you face the worst you see the truth. – S.H.

Is UWI even getting our feedback? Do they even care? – V.S.

Why don’t they have the same energy to refund persons their caution money and deliver degrees and diploma to students? – C.B.