Students have created an online petition seeking answers from the UWI Guild of Students regarding several resignations and a recent appointment. Here is a link to the petition, and the following is the text from the petition;

With the resignation of FIVE Guild Councillors there has been NO proper response made by the Guild of Students on the reason for such matters. There has also been NO rationale for the appointment of the position, Guild Librarian, that came into effect its present council.

It has been alleged that a member(s) of the current Guild executive is under investigation for allegations made against him/her resulting in a motion of NO CONFIDENCE against them.

Under the mandate of the constitution of the UWI Guild of Students article 32 (1) “Motions leading to votes of censure against and no confidence in an officer of the Guild or any Committee of the Guild or the Guild Council existing shall be considered at any General Meeting of the Guild as long as they arise from the business of the meeting.”

‘THE GUILD’ as defined by its constitution (article 3) shall be the recognized means of communications between the students of the St. Augustine Campus as a body and the authorities and Officers of the University and the Campus.

Therefore, we call upon the Guild of Students to host a Special Meeting in which to address these issues and answer the necessary questions from our student body.