Last Year, Saint Lucia Distiller’s released their new packaging for the Chairman Reserve line of rum. According to their official press release; Chairman’s Reserve solidified itself as one of the best rums in the world. A unique rum blend, Chairman’s Reserve is the essence of everything Saint Lucian.

Chairman's Reserve Finest Saint Lucian Rum

A premium destination in the Caribbean where the finer things can best be enjoyed; Chairman’s Reserve with its new packaging will embody Saint Lucia in every respect.

To create this new packaging, St. Lucia Distillers acquired the services of an international design agency, highly regarded for their work for prestigious brands such as Grey Goose and Remy Martin. Their task was to give Chairman’s Reserve the premium look that it deserves, without losing its unique identity. The new labels, though clearly upgraded, will still be instantly recognizable by the current Chairman’s Reserve enthusiast community.

According to Matthieu de Lassus, the company’s Export Director; “Chairman’s Reserve will compete more effectively at the international level in the premium rum category, and more broadly against all premium aged spirits”.

Margaret Monplaisir, Saint Lucia Distillers Managing Director says that the “The improved look also makes Chairman’s Reserve a more fitting
ambassador of all that is Saint Lucian”.

While Chairman’s Reserve Original, Chairman’s Reserve White Rum, and Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum and Chairman’s Reserve The Forgotten Cask were all immediately adorned with the new packaging. The label for Chairman’s Reserve 1931 was teased last year, but Marketing Director Michael Speakman noted that that new product would only become available when the sixth and final batch of 1931 was completely depleted.

Chairman's Reserve 1931 Rum

It seems that the time has come for Chairman’s Reserve 1931 because the label for export to the United States is in the process of being approved.

The 1931 line of rums has generally always been a blend of pot still rums and column still rums made traditionally from molasses, as well as a small portion of agricole rum made from fresh cane juice.

Chairman's Reserve 1931 Premium Saint Lucian Rum

The ageing for most of the 1931 releases in the past have used a combination of Bourbon Barrels and Ports Casks, leading to an almost signature 1931 palette that has spanned all of the vintage releases.

Moving forward Chairman’s Reserve 1931 will be a standard product in the future and not a yearly changing vintage.

Admiral Rodney will serves as the company’s brand for limited edition releases.

Here are the labels for the upcoming Chairman’s Reserve 1931.

Chairman's Reserve 1931 Label

With a brand new Flagship for the Chairman’s Reserve line of Rums, now is the perfect time to get familar with the other great bottles in the line-up;

Chairman’s Reserve White Rum is a blend of column-distilled rum that is aged for a minimum of three years in Bourbon barrels before being filtered. Column-distilled rum that has been aged and filtered to become “Silver Rum” started in Cuba and it a trademark of Spanish-style Rum producers like Flor De Cana, Angostura, and Bacardi.

Chairman's Reserve White Label Rum

Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum is spiced with a variety of island herbs including orange zest, bois bande, nutmeg and cinnamon. It follows the tradition of locally spiced rum that can be found throughout the Windward Islands.
Unlike the drier Mount Gay Mauby Rum, this rum has added sugar and is remarkably sweet.

Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum

Chairman’s Reserve Finest Rum is made in a manner similar to rums from Barbados like Mount Gay Distilleries or the Foursquare Rum Distillery. A blend of pot still and column still rum that’s aged in Bourbon barrels. The flavour is somewhat richer than traditional Barbadian Rum with rich fruity notes that are usually found in Jamaican rum or molasses-based rum from Martinique.

Chairman’s Reserve The Forgotten Casks was previously the most expensive in the Chairman’s Reserve line of rums. In 2007, Saint Lucia Distillers suffered a fire and barrels had to be transported to alternate locations. One of these locations was forgotten for over ten years and these “Forgotten Casks” ended up being allowed to mature in oak barrels for longer than originally intended. This rum is unfiltered, and full-bodied!

Chairman's Reserve The Forgotten Casks

2018 is a great year for Premium Rum Releases, Saint Nicholas Abbey recently announced their most premium product; A Twenty Year Old Rum, and they have also began bottling some younger offerings as cask strength.

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