Saint Nicholas Abbey is a Historic Attraction in Barbados that also distills award-winning rum on site. Unlike other rum companies in Barbados like Mount Gay Distilleries and the Foursquare Rum Distillery, Saint Nicholas Abbey uses the syrup of estate grown sugar cane (as opposed to molasses) to make their rum and they only distill with a single pot still (as opposed to blending the distillate of a pot still and column still).

Their range of rums include an un-aged white rum as well as a Five Year Old Rum, a Twelve Year Old Rum, and an Eighteen Year Old Rum.

According to this application for label approval, they have a Twenty Year Old Rum in the way and this rum will be available in the United States.

This 20 Year Old Rum would actually have been produced at Foursquare who also makes their 18 Year Old Rum. According to Foursquare’s Master-Distiller Richard Seale, the Saint Nicholas Abbey 18 Year Old Rum is produced at his distillery where it’s aged for eight years :then then blended, reduced in strength and re-casked for the secondary ageing at the Abbey.”

Saint Nicholas Abbey Award Winning White Rum