Rum is experiencing a period of growth largely defined by an increase in worldwide sales, along with the rise of a Premium Rum Category.

While Premium Rum has existed for a long time, Caribbean Rum brands are placing more effort into marketing their high end offerings and less on promoting mainstream, and entry level products.

This focus on quality instead of quantity can be seen with brands like Bacardi that are experiencing decreasing sales (19.5 million cases in 2017 to 16.8m cases in 2018) while also introducing new high end products.

It can also be seen with new premium releases from other Caribbean rum companies like Saint Lucia Distillers, the House of Angostura, and the Foursquare Rum Distillery.

The releases from Foursquare (Foursquare Premise, Foursquare Dominus and more) gathered significant buzz since Master Blender and Distiller Richard Seale is well known in the rum community as a strong advocate for traditional and authentic Caribbean rum production methods.

Mount Gay Distilleries has also been releasing some interesting premium products in the past few years.