The Art Society of Mount Hope recently hosted their seventh Annual Art Gala, entitled ‘Cassiopeia: A Starry Night’ at Hilstein Manor.

Profits from the Art Gala has always gone towards renovation of the pediatric wards in the North Central Regional Health authority located in the Eric Williams Medical Science Centre.

Proceeds from this Art Gala will allow them to paint over the walls of the corridors as well as reconstruct and fully restock the book shelves. The Mount Hope Art Society have already completed remodeling Paediatric Medical Ward 1 and will commence the renovations of Paediatric Surgical Ward 1 by the fourth quarter of this year.

Other than incredible art pieces and the chance to discuss them with other art enthusiasts and the artists, patrons were also treated to unlimited Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails with Angostura 7 Year Old Premium Rum.

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